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Introducing OLS Lick Tubs to our livestock feed product line! - December 8th 2017


Introducing OLS Lick Tubs to our livestock feed product line!,

Introducing OLS Tubs for Cattle, Sheep & Horses

South Peace Grain is the only livestock supply store offering OLS tubs in the BC Peace country.
Supplements to help keep your herd happy and growing!

   #9 - OLS CA Bovine Feeder                                                                 #14 - OLS CA Bovine Breeder D   
- Increaced overall herd health         100 lbs : $103.00                          - 10% diatomaceous earth***                  100 lbs : $114.00
- Higher breed back rates                 200 lbs : $199.00                          - Optimum gut health                               200 lbs : $215.25
- Excellent for supplementing                                                                  - Natural de-wormer
  low quality forage                                                                                  - Great at weaning time

   #20 - OLS CA Performance Bull                                                          #4 - OLS CA Equi-Licks   
-10% diatomaceous earth***             100 lbs : $121.10                          - Diatomaceous earth***                          100 lbs : $99.00
- Extra vitamin B                                200 lbs : $216.25                          - Concentrated vitamin, macro and trace minerals
- Oxy-Gen** for better respiratory functions                                             - For growing/mature horses
- Bio-Mos* (prebiotic) for immune system

   #12 - OLS CA Sheep Lick B D   
- Bio-Mos* (prebiotic) effective            100 lbs: $102.00  
   for E-coli & Salmonella
- 10% diatomaceous earth*** to build immune system
- Great for poor quality roughage

* Bio-Mos (prebiotic)An extremely well-researched prebiotic, made by Alltech. It is likely to be the most popular yeast on the market today. Bio-Mos is known to be the only prebiotic that has been able to be mentioned in Alltech’s literature, which says, “Bio-Mos has been proven through trials to be effective on E.coli and salmonella where pharmaceuticals have failed.” Bio-Mos is tremendous on gut health and builds a very strong immune system.

** Oxy-Gen - Made by Meal & More, Oxy-Gen essentially makes animals breathe better. It has been proven to increase the amount of oxygen absorbed in the blood through the lungs by 10-15%. This increases the performance of the heart and blood vessel system, helps to increase strength, muscle growth, endurance, and vigor, and aids in faster recovery times. Oxy-Gen is very beneficial to help maximize genetic potential.

*** Diatomaceous Earth
Traditional Values. Modern Approach.
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