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Lick Tubs and Supplements at South Peace Grain Co-op


2023 Lick Tubs and Supplements Price Sheet

South Peace Grain Co-op in Dawson Creek has been serving the Peace Region’s agricultural community since 1963 with the highest quality products available. In response to customer requests over the years, SPG now supplies OLS Lick Tubs. After much research and consideration we chose OLS Tubs because of their high quality ingredients and affordable prices. Along with these high quality lick tubs, you can find feed supplements for you livestock.

For more information about how our lick tub products can aid in overall herd health call our office at 250-782-7820

Lick Tubs

#9 - OLS CA Bovine Feeder

 Tub WeightPrice per Tub

- Increased overall herd health
- Higher breed back rates
- Excellent for supplementing low quality forage

200 lbs


#14 - OLS CA Bovine Breeder D

- 10% diatomaceous earth***
- Optimum gut health
- Natural de-wormer
- Great at weaning time

200 lbs

#20 - OLS CA Performance Bull

- 10% diatomaceous earth***
- Extra vitamin B
- Oxy-Gen** for better respiratory functions
- Bio-Mos* (prebiotic) for immune system

- Great for younger stock

200 lbs $244.00
# 17- OLS CA Calf Backgrounder

- Formulated for Calves

- 10% Diatomaceous Earth

- Bio-Mos (prebiotic) for immune system


#4 - OLS CA Equi-Licks

- Diatomaceous earth***
- Concentrated vitamin, macro and trace minerals
- For growing/mature horses
100 lbsunavailable

#12 - OLS CA Sheep Lick B D

- Bio-Mos* (prebiotic) effective for E-coli & Salmonella
- 10% diatomaceous earth*** to build immune system
- Great for poor quality roughage
100 lbs$145.00


SPG is now stocking Trouw Nutrition products. South Peace Grain is working hard to become your "one-stop shop" destination for all of your livestock feed requirements. We've selected a line of products that our customers have been requesting and we would love to hear what you think! 

For more information about these products call our office at 250-782-7820

bag sizeprice per bag
Peace Country 1 Stop winter Beef Premix20kg$44.11
Peace Country 1 stop winter with Bov20kg$52.35
36% Poultry Supplement20kg$30.45
30% Beef Supplement w/Mon20kg$22.00
30% Beef Supplement without Monensin20kg$17.00
Soybean Meal20kg$26.20
Dry Molasses25kg


Beet Pulp Pellets20kg


Alfalfa Cubes20kg


Alfalfa Dehydrated Pellets20kg$18.22
Sodium Bicarbonate25kg$27.41
Calcium Carbonate for Poultry 38% Ca Shell22.7kgunavailable
Whole Corn20kg$18.00
Cracked Corn20kgunavailable
18% Rabbit Pellets20kg$21.75
Limestone Fine25kgunavailable
Goat Mineral Premix





Black Oil Sunflower18kg$35.75
Oyster Shell18kg$34.99
Monocalcium Phosphate- Dia-Cal20kg$37.07

*All prices subject to change without notice*