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Odd Society Spirits - April 28th 2017

Odd Society Spirits,
South Peace Grain Cleaning Co-Op knows that the many types of grains we see through our doors have more uses than most can imagine. Craft distilling and brewing is taking off all over British Columbia and SP Grain takes our place in the chain seriously. The quality of your product depends on what goes into it, and we can help make sure your ingredients are the best they can be! Odd Society Spirits has been testing out how rye supplied by SP Grain works in their rye whisky:

"Odd Society is pleased to be working with South Peace Grain. We are very happy with the rye and how it translates into a smooth, delicious rye whisky. The staff are super friendly and willing to accommodate our needs, and there seems to be a genuine interest in being part of and growing with the craft distilling industry. I recommend them highly."  – Odd Society Spirits