Forage Seed

South Peace Grain Coop is pleased to offer a good inventory of high quality hay, forage, and reclamation seed for all your seeding needs. You can choose from one of our recommended blends; or have one of our knowledgeable staff assist you in designing a custom seed mixture that's right for you.


If you are a landscaper, golf course manager or a new home owner needing to seed your new lawn, we also carry a good selection of turf and lawn products and stock several fertilizer blends in 25 kg bags, providing you with an affordable means to fertilize your new lawn or golf green.

If you are a contractor or energy company seeding pipelines or doing reclamation work we are the company of choice for you. With our large inventory of products and our ability to blend specific mixes on site, we can get you the seed you need when you need it. With our fertilizer inventory we are now your one stop shop for all your seeding needs.

As with our cereal business for the last 50 years, quality and customer service are the two core values of our business. We source as much seed as we can locally and we source the cleanest, highest germination seed we can. Purity and germination analyses are available for all of our seed.

Having on site blending gives us the flexibility to help you choose the blend you want and ensures you have your seed when you need it.

If you are looking for specific varieties, specialty seed or native seed, we have access to a good selection of products on a special order basis.